TamilNadu Cements

TamilNadu Cements Corporation Limited (TANCEM), a wholly-owned Government of Tamilnadu undertaking, started the business from 1st April 1976 with an authorized share capital of Rs.18 crores taking over cement plant at Alangulam and setting up another plant at Ariyalur in the year 1979.

The company has its main objective is the production of cement and cement-based products and primarily caters to the needs of Government departments. Limestone being the main raw material, the company acquired and reserved enough limestone bearing lands in and around Alangulam and Ariyalur which are sufficient to run the cement plants for decades to come. Hence, the role of TANCEM in the development of the state is immense.

Client Requirement

There was a site (an extension) was built near the TANCEM Ariyalur old plant. We got an requirement for the government for Fire alarm systems, Public addressing system and Telecommunication solution with over 40 IP phones.

NTPL Solution to Client

After discussion with the stakeholders, we proposed

Fire Alarm Systems:

Esser IQ8 – Housing with the standard rear panel and front frame for operating panel fronts, interface board, power supply module, system software.

Public Addressing System:

For speakers we go with Bosch and Talkback system we go with Haritasa. PA Controller LBB1990 was Fully supervised the main control unit for voice alarm application. Built-in 240 W amplifier and we user talkback systems with Haritasa.

Tele Communication:

Open Scape Business X8-Open Scape Business offers small and medium-sized enterprises everything they need for their individual and diverse communication requirements, unified in a single flexible and scalable solution.

Fire Alarm System:

  • FACP IQ8control M standard housing fire alarm panel is used for that qty is 1 No. Operating front panel 64SZI GB 8000 c/m, IQ8 Control c/m -1 No.
  • In this panel extension module 2 no’s used and analog loop cards 6 no’s used for 6 loops.
  • Repeater panel is designed for TANCEM is 2 nos.
  • Their multiple detectors are used they are,
  • Fixed Heat Detectors
  • Optical Smoke Detectors
  • OTG Multi-Sensor Detectors
  • OT Blue Multi-Sensor Detectors
  • O2T Multi-Sensor Detectors
  • OT Multi-Sensor Detectors
  • Beam Detectors and Reflectors
  • Linear Heat Detection Cable and the devices
  • IQ8 Alarm Sounder Red
  • IQ8tal -Technical Alarm Module 1 in / 1 out
  • MCP housing with glass plane large
  • EOL
  • Response Indicator
  • Modular Junction Box
  • External Thermal Printer
  • Input-Output Modules

Cables are:

  • 2 Core 1.5 sqm cable for a fire alarm system 
  • LHD Cable for heat detection in the power cable


In site, multiple locations are there so split the locations into 6 loops. In each loop 100 above detectors are there like smoke, heat, multi, etc. All the detectors looping with 2 core 1.5 sqmm cable started in 6 loop fire alarm panel and end with also 6 loop fire alarm panel in a single loop card. So, in 1 loop card, we have input and output connections are there. 

As per the connection mentioned above, all 6 loops are connected.

The repeater panels 2 Nos are serially connected with the 6-loop fire alarm panel through 2 Core 1.5sqmm frls armored cable. 1 repeater panel placed in the security room because if no one available on the entire site security will handle and monitor the facp 6 loop panel.

Telephone System

UNIFY Components are,

  • Open Scape Business X8 All-in-one solution for UCC and Next Generation IP Communication Server
    • ISDN S2M Card
    • Voice Channel Booster Card
    • Auto Attendant
    • Open Scape base and other required software and licenses
    • Open Scape Business IP User Licenses – 55
    • IP Phone – 55 
    • IP Phone for Operator – 1

And the Active Parts are,

  • 24 Port Copper Switch with 4 Fiber Uplinks – 1 No
    • 24 Port Fiber Switch – 1 No
    • 8 Port Copper and 2 Fiber Uplink Switch – 8 No’s
    • Fiber to Copper Media Converter – 7 No’s
    • Tenda 4 Port POE Switch – 7 No’s

And the Passive Components are,

  • Single-Mode Fiber Cables
    • Cat6 Cables
    • Cat6 Information Outlets
    • Patch Panels
    • Patch Cords – Fiber and Copper
    • LIU for Splicing
    • Field End Junction Boxes
    • Racks- 42u, 6u


We are using the Open Scape x8 EPABX model. We configured the required things and connected them to a 24 port Copper switch. On this site switches & end, devices are 80% below 100 meters location. So, we are directly layer cat6 cable to locations and fixing of i/o and connected to the IP telephone. But some of the places we are layer Single-mode fiber optical cable because these locations are above 100 meters.

So, we need one no’s of 24 Port fiber optical switch to connect the fiber link. Here both side field and server room side placing the LIU and splicing is done here. Then the 8 port POE copper with 2 fiber port switches will connect here for the other end fiber link. Copper ports are connected to the IP phones. In some of the places, we used media converters and 4 port POE switches. Then we have done a basic configuration in IP phones & integrate it with the open scape x8 EPABX

Public Addressing System

The Speaker Components are, (BOSCH)

  • PA Controller LBB 1990
    • PA Router LBB 1992
    • Call Station LBB 1956
    • Call Station Keypad LBB 1957
    • 15 W Horn Speaker LBC 3470
    • 240 W Amplifier LBB 1935
    • 22U Rack

The Talkback System Components are, (HARITASA)

  • Master Console
    • Switching Unit
    • Distribution Box
    • Talk Back Stations
    • 240 W Amplifier LBB 1935
    • 22U Rack


For speakers, we connected with 2c 1.5 Sqmm cable and for the Talkback system, we used 4c 0.75mm arm cable. Because both are different connectivity systems.

For speakers, there are 5 multiple locations named zone 1 to 5. Amplifiers 5 Nos are control these 5 zones. in the 1st zone, there are 4 speakers only. but in the 3rd zone, 12 speakers are there. so, the overall speaker qty is 40 nos. The speaker connections are amplifier to 1st speaker then 1 speaker to 2nd speaker etc. By this connectivity looping, only speakers are terminated. And we have a call station like a paging microphone. By this, we will select the zones and give the announcement.

A talkback system is mainly used for calling purposes like a telephone system. But here it is an industrial area so we used this talkback system. Talkback systems are 4 zones. For each Talkback system, we have 10 Talkback systems. So totally 40 Talkback In this looping method is not to be used Because we need both power and data in the cable so we go with 4c 0.75 sqmm arm cable. These 2 cores are used for power and 2 cores are used for data. So, we have to lay individual cables to each talkback system from the amplifier. 


By supplying high-quality fire safety and PA/VA technology, Honeywell played an important role in the implementation of these tunnel projects which continue to have an enormous positive impact on local communities and their surroundings and As already discussed BOSCH doesn’t have a talkback system so we moved with Haritasa.

Finally, X8 which is really used for mid & small business office for telecommunication with a standardized and future-proof communication solution and Optimized accessibility and flexibility through One Number Service.