Mando Automotive India Pvt Ltd

Mando Automotive India Private Limited, a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance brake systems, shock absorbers, and struts to Indian, European, and American OEMs. The manufacturing practices have been synced in accordance with the stringent standards set by Mando, Korea. In so doing, the client has been able to bring the advantage of Korean design excellence to their customers. The client continuously endeavors to design and develop products that enhance driving comfort and vehicle safety. Highly advanced infrastructure further bolsters the company’s competencies to deliver world-class products.

Challenges Faced by Client

  • Users face performance issues with wireless access.
  • No security restrictions are in force for their employees and guest users while accessing the Mando network through wireless.
  • Wireless controllers and APs from different vendors being used, which makes manageability a big challenge.
  • In the existing Network, the client has multiple SSIDs based on their departments. But users also tend to use other department SSIDs without restrictions. This leads to network performance issues.

NTPL Solution to Client

  • To understand the client’s enterprise network, we performed a complete site survey and proposed Aruba access points with Aruba AirWave for network management.
  • We suggested Mando deploy ClearPass Policy Manager for wired and wireless Network Access Control (NAC), secure device onboarding, and guest access.
  • In Both Plants of the client, we suggested using Instant APs instead of controller-based.
  • The client accepted our solution and gave a go-ahead.

Benefits to Client

  • It is a complete NAC solution, with central RADIUS authentication, now employees use BYOD and onboard all devices with secured restrictions over the network.
  • After deploying Aruba wireless IAPs with ClearPass rules client now has reliable, high-speed wireless access, which is crucial to ensure productivity and efficiency.
  • For the Guest users, an isolated network with highly secured access rules for both plant 1 and plant 2 is controlled centrally by a network admin.
  • ClearPass solution implemented has resulted in a secure client enterprise network that is highly manageable. The users also enjoy a high performances network with appropriate access privileges.