Title: Cisco wireless specialist

Location: Hyderabad, Pune, Noida
No. of positions: 3
Experience: 6 to 8 years

Roles and responsibilities:
Monitoring Activities:
Monitoring AP, WLC, ISE and Prime infrastructure across all locations having corporate wireless Infra.
Monitoring Rogue Access Points, generate report of Rogue AP, take a necessary action on Rogue AP.
Monitoring Adhoc Rogues, generate report of Rogue AP, take a necessary action on Rogue AP.
Monitoring Rogue Access Point Location, Tagging, and Containment.
Monitoring Alarms, Events on Prime infra and resolve them.
Client level issues like packet flow, disconnections and Interim disconnections.

Admin activities:
Daily activities:
Troubleshooting  operational issues.
Tracking of the high priority issues.
Daily status update/shift handover.

Weekly activiites:
Backup of WLC, ISE (including certificate) ,Prime infra.
Maintain and share service request details assigned and share report.

Trigger based:
Raise Cisco TAC cases and doing follow up for critical issues related to WLC/ISE/PI/APs.
Implementations & maintaince of recommendations policies & best practises.
Helping in routine patch upgrades, WLC & ISE software Upgrades as recommended by OEM.
Updating floor maps in mobility service engine for tracking user/wifi coverage based on AP positioning.

Quarterly activities:
Closing VAPT findings for corporate wireless infra.

Monthly activities:
Wireless infra device hardening as per NIST standard hardening checklist.
Maintaining & sharing the inventory details of all the Wi-Fi Infra being used in Tech M along with IP address, MAC address, Serial number, Location of the AP and software version.

Reporting Activities:
Daily activities: Admin configuration Audit Report for WLC and ISE
Customized Authentication reports (SSID Wise)
Customized Guest User creation report with sponsor details and followup with sponsors for justification
Customized Self Registrating Guest with approver details
WIPS Report

Weekly activities:
Customized Guest User (Sponsor based) analysis Report
Customized Self Registrating Guest analysis Report

Monthly activities:
Consolidated report of all of above activities to be done monthly with analysis